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Dr. Mehran Dooghaie Moghadam has been graduated in medical sciences as a general physician from Tehran medical university in 1992 and has successfully achieved his board certificate as an E.N.T.(Ear-nose and throat ) and facial plastic surgeon from the same university (Tehran university) in2000. 

He has been constantly practising surgery, particularly cosmetic nose surgeries since 2000.

 With the experience of well over 7000 successful Rhinoplasty operations throughout these many years, now he is able to indulge himself in all kinds of cosmetic nose and face operations easily, and achieve long-lasting suitable results, plus full satisfaction of the patients. 

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Eight points to consider before surgery operation

• In case of any affliction to disease or consumption of any particular drug, please remind your surgeon.

• Consumption of analgesic drugs (pain killers ) ,aspirin and multi-vitamin pills including vitamin E before surgery can increase bleeding during or after the operation , so it is necessary to avoid using them a week before the operation.

• Please take a bath the day before coming to clinic for the actual surgery operation.

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Usually the surgery operation (RHINOPLASTY) will not cause considerable pain on your nose and face areas and that by using one or two Acetaminophen every 6 hours, you can prevent from possible pain. (it has prescribed for you ). Please remember not to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like Aspirin, ibuprofen, Diclfenac, Mefenamic acid and so on, for the first 3 days, because of possible haemorrhage after the surgery.

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Aesthetic surgery of the nose (Rhinoplasty) is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries throughout the world and definitely is the most complicated one. Both art and science are involved in this surgery and the role of surgeon’s aesthetic view is remarkable. There are lots of wonderful advancements lately in rhinoplasty surgery technics and the results are almost predictable and acceptable. In this writing I have tried to explain...

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Which surgeries may be done accompanied with aesthetic surgery of the nose (Rhinoplasty)?
There are a great number of surgeries which may be done, accompanied with rhinoplasty. They can be divided to therapeutic and aesthetic surgeries. The most common accompanied surgery operation is the repairing of the deviated nasal septum (septoplasty). By doing this operation, nasal breath shortness will be cured and normal nasal breathing will be restored. In patients who are involved with chronic sinusitis we can do Endoscopic sinus surgery (F.E.S.S.) accompanied with rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Resection (removing) of some anatomical deformities like concha bullosa and partial resection of chronic, resistant hypertrophied inferior conchae’s may be necessary.

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Long term follow-up of patients who have been operated with routine methods of rhinoplasty show somehow deformation, drooping and crooking of the nose in many patients and specially the shape of the nose tip in these patients are not predictable and tip asymmetries are very common. These complications are especially very common in cases which don’t have a nice and beautiful nose tip and the surgeon is obliged to do some destructive technics to make the nose tip beautiful. In these patients the cosmetic complications are usually accompanied with an unacceptable narrowing of the inside of the nose and causes of nasal breath shortness.

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