Preoperative tips

Dr. Mehran Doghaei Moghaddam

Ear, nose and throat surgeon

Facial and nasal cosmetic surgeon


Preoperative tips

  1. In case of any affliction to disease or consumption of any particular drug, please remind your surgeon.
  2. Consumption of analgesic drugs (pain killers ) ,aspirin and multi-vitamin pills including vitamin E before surgery can increase bleeding during or after the operation , so it is necessary to avoid using them a week before the operation.
  3. Please take a bath the day before coming to clinic for the actual surgery operation.
  4. It is necessary to avoid eating or drinking at least 6 hours before the surgery operation.
  5. In case your operation is in the morning, avoid eating and drinking after the supper from 12 o’clock midnight.
  6. During the night before the operation, please avoid having heavy and indigestible super and also avoid flatulence foods.
  7. Considering the number of every day operations in progress and/or emergency cases, the actual time of your operation is approximate and your respectful cooperation with medical personnel is greatly appreciated.
  8. It is necessary that those who apply for operation, to be accompanied by someone else.