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Dr. Mehran Doghaei Moghaddam

Ear, nose and throat surgeon

Facial and nasal cosmetic surgeon

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There are lots of wonderful advancements lately in rhinoplasty surgery technics and the results are almost predictable and acceptable.
In this writing I have tried to explain very simply and truthfully some aspects of modern rhinoplasty technics”][pt_accordion_item heading=”What is the non-destructive(suture-based)rhinoplasty?” text=”Long term follow-up of patients who have been operated with routine methods of rhinoplasty show somehow deformation, drooping and crooking of the nose in many patients and specially the shape of the nose tip in these patients are not predictable and tip asymmetries are very common.
These complications are especially very common in cases which don’t have a nice and beautiful nose tip and the surgeon is obliged to do some destructive technics to make the nose tip beautiful. In these patients the cosmetic complications are usually accompanied with an unacceptable narrowing of the inside of the nose and causes of nasal breath shortness.
In most cases, the reason of these complications is the interruption of the cartilaginous structures of the nose tips which are the basis of the routine (destructive) technics of rhinoplasty. In these methods the surgeon makes the nose tip beautiful by some technics like cutting (incision), hatching, crushing and removing (excision) a part of cartilaginous continuity of the nose tip. These technics will interrupt the elasticity of nose tip cartilaginous curve and these weakened points make some unwanted movements of cartilaginous
parts and the rotation of the cartilaginous pieces around the points makes the nose tip, asymmetric and ugly, later.
Unfortunately these unpleasant results will be worsened by time and nose breath shortness is a common complaint in most patients as well. In these cases, correcting deformities are very difficult and in some patients impossible.
Non-destructive (suture-based) rhinoplasty is a new method which is designed to prevent above-mentioned complications. In this modern method, the surgeon doesn’t create the weakened points by cutting the cartilages and he preserves the elasticity and continuity of cartilaginous curves of nose tip. Shaping of nose tip is done with some especial suitable sutures through the nose tip cartilages and by this manner the surgeon can make the curve of cartilages, nice and beautiful, as though, it is quite natural and attractive. This is done without creating any weakened point through the curve, so the result will be very nice and beautiful with good function. Later on, the good results will be reinforced and rates of cosmetic, functional complications will be very rare.
Non-destructive, suture- based rhinoplasty, has been my choice since 2005 and by practising this method, very beautiful, healthy and natural results have been achieved in almost all cases.”][pt_accordion_item heading=”?Which surgeries may be done accompanied with aesthetic surgery of the nose (Rhinoplasty)” text=”There are a great number of surgeries which may be done, accompanied with rhinoplasty. They can be divided to therapeutic and aesthetic surgeries.
The most common accompanied surgery operation is the repairing of the deviated nasal septum (septoplasty). By doing this operation, nasal breath shortness will be cured and normal nasal breathing will be restored. In patients who are involved with chronic sinusitis we can do Endoscopic sinus surgery (F.E.S.S.) accompanied with rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Resection (removing) of some anatomical deformities like concha bullosa and partial resection of chronic, resistant hypertrophied inferior conchae’s may be necessary.
The second accompanied group of operations are aesthetic surgeries. The goal is to achieve a harmonic, balanced and desirable face. One of the most effective operations is fat transplantation (fat injection). In this operation, initially we have to harvest fat from abdomen wall or thighs. After that, the harvested fat has to be prepared for injection with some especial methods and at the end, it will be replaced in the needed face areas. Through fat transplantation we can voluminate some weakened face areas and the result will be a more healthy-looking, younger and good-looking face.
The other common operation accompanied with rhinoplasty is augmentation of the chin with chin prosthesis and sometimes cheek prosthesis for cheek augmentation. In patients with small and short chins, accomplishment chin augmentation can strongly fortify the aesthetic result of the rhinoplasty.
One of the other accompanied surgeries is Blepharoplasty in cases of eyelid drooping and puffiness. In the Blephroplasty, extra skin and herniated fats on the eyelids will be removed. The drooping of skin and puffiness of the eyelids usually appears in middle aged persons and they look older. Blepharoplasty makes them younger and better-looking. Other senile changes are drooping of the face skin. To lessen these defections, accomplishment of some restricted Face and Brow lift surgeries are possible and can do accompanied with the aesthetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) .
You may be notified about these accompanied aesthetic surgeries and their effects on your face, in a pre rhinoplasty consultation by Dr Mehran Dooghaie Moghadam. You can use their beneficial effects on your face, accompanied with your cosmetic nose (Rhinoplasty) operation.”][/pt_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column offset=”vc_hidden-xs” uniqid=”620bde812a4c0″][/vc_column][/vc_row]